We Are Tim and Sandra Watts

We are in our mid 50's. When the pandemic hit we started searching for ways to keep ourselves healthy and our immune system strong. We started a garden growing healthy plants and vegetables, all that were either edible or had medicinal uses. This is where we were introduced to Holy Basil , Lemon Balm and Various Mints, then we stumbled across Reishi mushroom. The more we learned about mushrooms and the amazing health benefits they have we expanded to include the five main mushrooms that are widely used for their health benefits, such as Reishi, Lions Maine, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail and Chaga. We have been so amazed at how great we feel, we do Cross-fit style workouts at Hard Exercise Works in Wellington, FL. Our Stamina , Recovery, and Energy have all improved, our joints don't hurt, we have lost weight and just feel great overall. We feel so great we had to share this with the world so we created Hongo Tea Co. (Hongo is Spanish for Mushroom). We hope you enjoy our teas and feel as good as we do.


Numbers Speak For Themselves!

Years used as Medicne
3500 +
Of Your Daily Iron
40 %
Combined Health Benefits
10 +
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