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World’s First, Premium All Natural, Ready To Drink, Functional Mushroom Herbal Tea. Tastes Amazing, 5600mg’s of Mushrooms, None of the Fungi Flavor!

Hongo Mushroom Power Ready To Drink Functional Mushroom Beverages

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We Care About Your Well Being

We're Tim & Sandra the creators of Hongo Mushroom Power! When the pandemic struck & forced everyone to slow their lives down we found the joy of gardening. We found we could boost our immune system right from our backyard! While cultivating edible & medicinal plants, we uncovered the incredible healing powers of mushrooms! We are in our mid 50's & found ourselves feeling healthier then when we were in our 30's. Drinking our tea regularly boosted our immune system, reduced inflammation, gave us energy, reduced our stress & anxiety, & improved our sleep quality. It was so amazing that we decided to bottle it up & share it with the world! We know you will love it & feel the power just as much as we do!

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Enjoy Life, Powered By Mushrooms!

Hongo Mushroom Power is a Mushroom Herbal Tea packed with flavor and function.

There are 5600mg’s of Mushrooms used to make each bottle alongside medicinal herbs. Daily Immunity Defense Tea is naturally preserved with Lemon and Pure Energy Tea is naturally preserved with Hibiscus. Every ingredient has a purpose.

We brew our tea for 5-6 hours to make sure all the functional properties of the mushrooms and herbs are released. This allows your body to absorb the nutrients much easier and faster.

There is 0 Sugar, 0 Calories, and less than 2mg’s of Caffeine(naturally occurring) per 16oz Bottle.

If you are consuming our Whole Fruiting Body Powder you can trust that there are no grains, starch, or fillers. Just Pure Mushroom! Make sure you mix the powder with a hot liquid before consuming to break the cell wall of the mushroom and feel the full benefits.

Download a PDF about THE MOST POWERFUL MUSHROOMS You Need To Know About.

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